Mortgage Underwriting

Embed tradeline paydown with instant verification in your mortgage closing flow. Improve your closing speed and decrease funnel drop-off.

Product features

We leave you out of the flow of funds. Method handles the entire money movement process. We'll pull the funds and transmit it to the lenders.


We handle compliance requirements, identity verification, and bank partnerships so you can focus on building.


Method is optimized for speed. Go live in an evening and start moving money fast to any financial account.

Simple Integration

No-code required. Use our no-code embeddable UI components to go live quickly without engineering work or modifications to your existing flow.

Fully white-labeled components included.
Securely embed or email to your applicants.
Direct payments from the applicants' accounts to their debt.

Instant payment verification

Stop waiting weeks for debt payoff verification. Method provides instant payment verification to speed up underwriting.

Instant payment confirmation from lenders.
Verification is generated in minutes.
Optimized for speed so you can close applicants quickly.
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