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The easiest way to
pay your users' debts.

Embed loan repayment, data, balance transfers and automation - all through a single API. Method allows developers to engage with their users’ debts with our debt-agnostic solution.

Debt repayment tools for every industry


Provide seamless refinancing experience

Lower lending risk and increase revenue by engaging directly with your users' debts.

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HR and Benefits

Involve your employees with tailored perks

Attract top talent and retain employees by addressing one of their top concerns: financial wellness.

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Personal Finance

Help users manage liabilities and pay bills

Improve your users’ financial health with holistic liability management.

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How it works

Build today. Launch tomorrow.

1. Create a user

Create your end-user using their name and phone number. Method will verify their identity with our included KYC screens.

2. Retrieve accounts

Instantly retrieve all their liabilities - no credentials required. Method will return real-time data for all all liabilities for a user.

3. Move money

Initiate payments to any of a user's liabilities. Settlement in as little as a couple of minutes.

Complete liability coverage

Method connects to all student loan, credit card, auto loan, mortgage and utility bill merchants out there. Method's APIs don't break and the users never have to re-authenticate.

Instantly link a user's liabilities using their phone number.
Pay student loans, credit cards, mortgages, bills and more.
Retrieve real-time liability data for all types of debts.

Designed for developers

It's that simple. With just a few lines of code, you can retrieve your user's liabilities and start moving money on behalf of your users.

Build quickly with our simple developer-first API.
Use our Method Dashboard for a complete no-code solution.
Fully white-labeled embeddable components included.

Compliance made easy

Method handles compliance requirements, identity verification, and bank partnerships so you can focus on building.

Robust liability account linking and money movement.
Automatic KYC & AML verifications.
Instant account validation and payment confirmation.

What will you build?

Check out our documentation and start integrating today. We can't wait to see what you'll build.

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