November 2, 2023

Spotlight: Quyen Tien, Lead Recruiter

Meet Quyen, our Lead Recruiter at Method Financial.

Take a peek into life at Method through a candid interview with Quyen.

Quyen, we’d love to learn more about you and your role on the team. What’s an average day look like?

Hello! I lead recruiting at Method and oversee the hiring of all of our roles. An average day consists of:

  • Strategizing with the co-founders to ensure hiring priorities of the week are set 
  • Calibrating roles & resumes with the hiring team(s)
  • Learning about candidates through a first interview / introductions
  • Communicating and preparing candidates for their interviews

Recruiting aside, I’m also building out our performance review process, employee engagement strategies, and brainstorming fun ways to celebrate team and company milestones. I’m a recruiter by day and party planner by night 🥳

What attracted you to Method?

Method’s mission to make personal debt management self-driven and autonomous is something I can relate to. Growing up with two immigrant parents, I remember learning how to translate confusing bills as a kid. After figuring out the details, I would write a check and mail it off. I had a super awesome Looney Tunes checkbook to do it all! While I didn’t know it then, my parents and I were slowly learning how to pay off debts and liabilities. 

I was drawn to the company's mission of making it as simple as possible for individuals to manage their debt. Being able to pitch that our API provides debt visibility and streamlines repayment felt organic.

What’s been a favorite part & memory with the team so far?

Favorite Part: Working alongside the co-founders has been an awesome experience. I have regular syncs with Mit (COO), Jose (CEO), & Marco (CTO) to chat about all things recruiting, company events, and employee wellness. Being able to share ideas, move quickly, and onboard new processes, tools, ways of working is a rewarding experience.

Favorite Memory: This past summer, we had a team offsite to Mexico City! A bunch of us woke up at 4am, took a shuttle to Teotihuacán, and went on a hot air balloon adventure over the pyramids for the sunrise. It was spectacular and worth the early alarm. It was by far one of the best views I’ve seen! After the hot air balloon ride, we went to breakfast at La Gruta which is an amazing restaurant inside a cave! The chilaquiles were *chef’s kiss*.

Here come the important questions, rapid-fire. Ready?

A snack you cannot live without.

This is going to be gluttonous of me to say but I love fries. In-N-Out fries, crinkle cut fries, tots, wedges, etc. are the best for snack o’clock. I’m always down for fries 🍟 🥔

When you're not working, you are…

I’m usually trying to exercise my german shepherd/cattle dog who is 4 years old but acts like he’s a puppy. He’s a pandemic dog. If you know, you know 🐶 We also camp, hike, snow shoe, ski, climb, yoga.

Recommend a show, movie, book.
Succession. Step Brothers. The Last Lecture - Randy Pausch & Jeffrey Zaslow. 📖

Go to music genre and a song on repeat?

Country, Tennessee Whiskey - Chris Stapleton.

Okay, lastly, I've always wanted to try or learn…

Salsa dancing, or any latin inspired dancing. (I may propose it for our next team bonding event!)

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