Liabilities Data API

Instantly access your users' complete debt portfolio using just their phone number - no login credentials required.

Product features
One Auth for all LIABILITIES

No credentials or multiple link flows required – retrieve all of a user's liabilities such as personal loans, credit card debt, auto loan etc. using just their phone number.

comprehensive data

Instantly retrieve real-time liability data for all types of debts such as balance, payoff amount, due date, interest rate, loan type etc.

stable connections

Designed for reliability and stability. Method Data's connections don't break and the user's never have to re-authenticate. Receive nightly updates on all of a user's liabilities.

Complete debt data coverage

All debt types supported. Retrieve complete and comprehensive data for student loans, credit cards, auto loans, mortgages and much more. Method's API covers the majority of lenders in the US.

Access balance, due dates, payment amounts and more.
Debt specific data for student loans and credit cards.
Instantly initiate payments to all retrieved liabilities.

Simple Integration

Own your integration. Use our no-code embeddable UI components to go live quickly or integrate with our simple API for a deeper experience.

Use our no-code UI for privacy and security.
Go keys and integrate in one evening.
Fully white-labeled components included.

Method Data

Complete lender coverage
Retrieve liability data for all types of debt including student loans, auto loans, credit cards, mortgages, BNPL and much more.
All debts using one auth
Improve your user experience and conversion rates by retrieving all your users' debts using just their phone number.
Continuous data feed
Receive updates on the latest changes to debt items including any new items - no re-authentication needed, ever.

Legacy providers

Limited lender coverage
Low number of integrations with lenders, built on brittle systems such as login based screen scraping.
Multiple auth flows required
Users are forced to authenticate with every debt provider they work with. Poor user experience leading to increasing churn.
Continuous maintenance needed
Providers built on brittle tech require connection maintenance, user re-authentication and provide no visibility on new debt items.
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