April 16, 2024

Spotlight: Anthony Monaco, Customer Success Manager

Meet Anthony, one of our Customer Success Managers at Method Financial.

Take a peek into life at Method through a candid interview with Anthony.

Anthony, we’d love to learn more about you and your role on the team. What’s an average day look like?

Hello! I’m Anthony. I was the first customer success hire at Method!

In terms of my day, I’m an early riser. While I’m drinking my coffee in the morning, I’m fielding customer requests that may have come up during the previous night. I’m also organizing customer meetings where I meet 1:1 with engineering teams, project managers, or the leadership team at smaller companies.

A lot of my interactions happen during the onboarding process, where I’m fielding questions about edge cases, how our API works, and more. When onboarding is complete, we have an off ramp period of time. There may be more questions during this time and we switch to support channels via Slack where we are constantly in touch even if we don’t meet as frequently.

Aside from being our customers’ main point of contact, I’ve also worked on building out procedures. In true start-up fashion, we built the foundational infrastructure between the customers and engineering team (i.e. building a process on escalating requests/bugs). We added more resources and tools to help us stay organized early on.

Other parts of my role include strategizing how to onboard customers more seamlessly. I work with our team to think of ways to make it easier, quicker, and more clear for our customers to jump start their partnership with Method. My recent focus has been working on the renewal process, too. I’ve found this role to be very rewarding because I get to be behind the scenes working with our engineering team but also be our customers’ go-to person.

What attracted you to Method?

I’ve spent a lot of time working at early-stage fintech companies because I love the thrill of building from scratch. When I found Method, I knew it was a product that customers needed. Building from 0 to 1 with such a well-established product-market fit felt exciting. 

On the team side, in addition to meeting the co-founders, I got to meet the first 2 engineering members (Chris & Mustafa) and found them very motivated and fun to work with. I joined when we were less than 10 employees and to see us now with 20 employees and counting is amazing!

What’s been a favorite memory with the team so far?

Our first offsite in Austin was super fun. I don’t know how, but I convinced the small team to go carting at COTA. Everyone turned into their youthful racing selves. We all got into our karts and everyone was hooting and hollering as others were going super fast around tight corners. Now it’s a tradition where we’ve done it at other offsites and team gatherings. I won a few races and Mustafa won a handful of others. I talked a big game and I hope I didn’t embarrass myself 🙂

Here come the important questions, rapid-fire. Ready?

A snack you cannot live without.

Babybels. I love them. I’ve eaten at least 3 already today.

When you're not working, you are…

I try to do a lot of physical activities. I like to get outside! In the summer I hike, rock climb, and cycle. In the winter time I am skiing, backcountry skiing, and making trips to the mountains (even sometimes hosting colleagues!).

Recommend a show, movie, book.

Show: Loki is my new favorite show. It’s very Doctor Who vibes mixed with the Marvel cinematic universe. 

Books: I listen and read a lot of books. I have a political science and computer science degree so I’ll listen to a variety of genres but right now I have Power and Thrones on Audible.

Go to music genre and a song on repeat?

I listen to every type of genre but just recently have been listening to country, West Virginia, and Tyler Childers. There are times where I’m also listening to Radiohead and The Chemical Brothers!

Okay, lastly, I've always wanted to try or learn…

I’ve always wanted to paraglide, it looks like so much fun but also the most dangerous things to do, or ski paragliding. Also quite dangerous.