Liabilities Payment API

Orchestrate payments to all types of debt including credit cards, student loans and bills at 10,000+ financial institutions.

PRODUCT features

Fully managed electronic money movement. Stay out of the flow of funds from account linking to disbursement with the creditor.

risk & compliance included

All compliance requirements (KYC/AML/PCI), including identity verification and bank partnerships, are included.


Get instant account validation and payment confirmation. Settlement in as little as a couple of minutes.

Pay 10,000+ financial institutions

Initiate payments to the biggest student loan, credit card, and mortgage merchants out there. Method's API covers the majority of merchants in the US.

Real-time account number retrieval included.
Direct integrations to lower risk of returned payments.
No paper checks or multiple integrations needed.

Simple Integration

Own your integration. Use our no-code embeddable UI components to go live quickly or integrate with our simple API for a deeper experience.

Use our no-code UI for PCI compliance.
Go live and start moving money quickly.
Fully white-labeled components included.


Complete coverage
10,000+ merchants supported with direct integrations at the banking core, allowing payments to be made electronically to any type of user liability, including credit cards, student loans, auto loans, etc.
End-to-end money movement
Method pulls the funds and electronically transmits them to the financial institutions. End to end money movement and compliance included.
No-code UI integrations
Use our secure and customizable embeddale UI components to give live quickly.

Legacy providers

Limited merchants
Low number of integrations, built on brittle systems with manual processes (e.g. mailing checks) or screen scraping.
Banking integration needed
Push only providers require you to pull the funds directly from your users. Leaving you in the flow funds and with a compliance nightmare.
API-only integrations
Limited to outdated non-developer friendly API integration.
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