Spritz: Enabling Cryptocurrency Bill Payment using Method

Spritz worked with Method to connect crypto with personal finances, helping users unlock real-world utility and improve their financial wellness by making on-chain bill payments.

Method Sync: Real-time data for all liabilities

Instantly access balance, due dates, interest rates and much more for all types of consumer debts. Powered by Method Data, allowing you to access your users' complete debt portfolio using just their phone number.

Gauss: Working with Method to provide instant credit card balance transfer

Credit card companies charge borrowers 22%-27% APR irrespective of their credit score. Instead Gauss provides prime borrowers a real alternative - a credit card at 14% APR on pre-approved balance, with no origination fee.

PTO Genius: Transforming accrued PTO into financial wellness using Method

Most U.S. employees still don’t use all of their paid time off. PTO Genius and Method are working together to provide employees with alternatives to utilizing their PTO and putting them on a path of financial success and wellness.

What's New: Method Data, Auth Element, Payment fees, Dashboard and more

April was a huge month at Method! We launched Method Data, shipped 20+ updates to Method's Dashboard, released payment fees and much more.

Just launched: Method Data

With ever increasing number of credit lines per consumer and brittle incumbent API integration failures, the challenge to creating a seamless debt repayment user experience within a product is real. Introducing Method Data: Instantly access your users' complete debt portfolio using just their phone number - no login credentials required.

What's New: Dashboard, Filtering, and Simulations

This is the first edition of Method's monthly engineering update! In addition to our developer changelog we'll feature key updates, explain the motivation behind them, and provide a couple of tips on how you can use them to make your Method integration more seamless.

Highway Benefits: Working with Method to provide student loan contributions as an employee benefit

In a climate where student debt has risen to $1.75 trillion, Highway Benefits developed a platform for student loan repayments as a benefit. Method and Highway Benefits are working together to solve this massive problem.

Method’s journey into debt repayment rails

We are excited to announce that Method has raised $2.5 million in a pre-seed round from Y Combinator, Ardent Venture Partners, LiveOak Venture Partners and a slew of VCs and angel investors, including Haroon Mokhtarzada (CEO & co-founder at Truebill), Val Gui (VP Product at Upstart), and others.