May 6, 2022

What's New: Method Data, Auth Element, Payment fees, Dashboard and more

April was a huge month at Method! We launched Method Data, shipped 20+ updates to Method's Dashboard, released payment fees and much more.


Method Data

Our new product Method Data lets you instantly retrieves your users' complete debt portfolio using just their phone number, making it easier than ever to onboard users to your app. ➡️ Read the the launch blog post to learn more.

Auth Element

We released the new Auth Element, an embeddable UI component that handles the collection and verification of a user’s identity, making your Method Data integration seamless.

Launch the Auth Element within your app to dynamically ask for only the information needed to verify a user’s identity. Once verified, all their debts are automatically connected to Method and kept up-to-date with any changes to their accounts.

Dashboard Improvements

The Method Dashboard got a massive update this month with the addition of new resource pages, improved filtering capabilities, and better navigation between related resources. The previous version of the dashboard only showcased the payments resource, but now you can get a better overview of all your Method resources with these updates:

  • Entities page to view all entities, and accounts connected for each entity.
  • Accounts page to view all accounts, related merchants, and recent payments for each account.
  • Merchants page to search for supported merchants, and to view the list all accounts connected to a specific merchant.
  • Enhanced and expanded filtering options for each resource.

Payment fees

Monetize your payment flows with fees. Using the same payment creation endpoint, you can now seamlessly charge a fee for each payment. Forget about architecting your own payment fee system and let Method handle that for you. You can choose to charge a fee on any payment by simply specifying the type of fee to apply, and the fee amount. Read our updated API Docs to learn more.

Payment Settlement Dates

Improve your user’s experience by providing them with more timeline details on their payments. Our payments API now returns the exact dates of when funds will be pulled from their source bank account with the source_settlement_date property, and when they should expect a payment to be posted to their debt account with the destination_settlement_date property. estimated_completion_date is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

React Native Elements SDK

We released a new SDK for Method Elements in React Native to speed up our customers’ integration with Method. This SDK is lightweight, simplifies event handling, and makes element instantiation very straightforward – ultimately saving time on development. ➡️ Get started with your integration by checking out the GitHub repo.

What’s Next?

We are doubling down with Method Data improvements. Our focus will be on providing our customers with up-to-date and enhanced liability data by syncing account balance and interest data on a daily basis, enabling access to more accurate data when you need it.