September 8, 2022

What’s New: Method Data and Method Sync Improvements, Liability Data Enhancements, and more

Do more with more data! Enhance and simplify your user experience by having instant access to important liability details and the ability to make payments to any liability, all powered by Method Data and Method Sync.


  • 🧮 Interest rate coverage: Most liabilities now include the interest rate by default without requiring a sync.
  • 🏠 Improved mortgage data: Enhanced live data for mortgages via Method sync. Property address for mortgages returned by default without requiring a sync.
  • 🚗 Improved auto loan data: Enhanced live data for auto loans via Method Sync.
  • 🎛 Expanded liability types: Method Data now supports and returns enhanced data for new liability types.
  • 🏦 Payment support: All liabilities connected with Method Data can now be paid using Method Payments. 
  • 🏬 Merchant support: Support for 2500+ new merchants. 

Interest rate coverage

With our recent update, using Method Data, you now instantly get back the interest rate for most liabilities by default without having to initiate a liability sync! This includes data for liabilities such as auto loans, personal loans, student loans, mortgages, and credit cards.

While you were previously able to get the interest rate data for some liabilities via Method Sync, having access to it instantly allows you to customize your user experience in a more predictable and consistent manner.

Improved data for mortgages

In addition to getting the interest rate for mortgages, the mortgage data now also includes the matching property address details by default. This can be helpful for mapping out user stories especially for users with multiple mortgages.

Furthermore, all mortgage liabilities that are synced via Method Sync now return live data for escrow_balance, principal_balance, payoff_amount, payoff_amount_term, interest_rate_percentage, interest_rate_type and more. Below is a snippet showing an example of what you can expect to see for a mortgage that has been fully synced.

Improved data for auto loans

Most auto loan liabilities that are synced via Method Sync now include more relevant liability details such as the term_length, payoff_amount, and payoff_amount_term. Below is a snippet showing an example of what you can expect to see for an auto loan that has been fully synced.

Other Improvements

  • Expanded liability types: We are continuing to add support for more liability types. We have recently added support and enhanced the liability data for the following types: collection, personal_loan and credit_builder.
  • Payment support: Retrieving a liability that isn’t payable is no fun. This update allows all liabilities retrieved via Method Data to be paid using Method Payments. The best part: no user interaction or API changes required!
  • Merchant support: We’ve added support for 2500+ merchants recently and will continue to expand this list.

What’s next?

We are focusing on expanding the list of merchants supported for live data access via Method Sync. Moreover, we are working on revamping the Method Dashboard to make it easier to interact with our APIs, and provide you with an even better view of all your Method resources.